L&B Bison Ranch

Leonard Chopp / Blanche Wicharenko
Box 55
Vita, MB
R0A 2K0
phone / fax: (204) 425-3981

Bison Meat -Nature’s best -Incredible taste -Nutritious -Rich in Flavour.

Located 7 miles south of Vita, on 400 acre farm.
We have been in the bison business for 16 years.
At present we have 41 cows and 3 breeding bulls with calves, approximately 130 animals.

We presently are having our young bulls and open heifers processed at a federal processing plant and marketing gourmet cuts of meats.

As a marketer of our meat, we promote consistent quality products.
Our animals are slaughtered and regular cuts of meat are processed at a Manitoba Federal Slaughter Facility.
Our regular cuts of meat include ground, stew meat, roasts, steaks, short ribs, back ribs, heart, liver, tongue, in ¼, ½, or whole animal.
Our added value products, are 100% pure bison meat with no other meat products added.
These include, burger patties, breakfast sausage, garlic sausage, pepperettes, salami, regular smokies, smokies with jalapeno cheese and jerky

All cuts of meat are available in vacuum seal packaging.

We also have skulls and green hides or robe upon request.

We attend Farmers Markets and special events.

We service a regular client base, bi weekly at pre arranged locations including home delivery. Please feel free to contact us for a current list of locations.